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Entrust Property Team will provide the knowledge and experience required to meet your needs for building maintenance without the need to directly employ specialist staff.

Project Delivery

Entrust’s qualified and experienced staff will manage replacement and refurbishment works on your behalf. Entrust surveyors provide professional guidance and schedules of works for your refurbishment, replacement and expansion projects.  Dedicated Building and Engineering Surveyors provide the depth of knowledge to support a range of projects, including:

  • Extensions and infills
  • Windows and doors
  • Roofing
  • Heating and Ventilation system replacement
  • Lighting
  • Re-wiring and Alarm upgrades
  • Lift installation
  • External works - tar paving, fencing, drainage.

Statutory Property Compliance

Entrust’s Property Team will help you meet your statutory obligations to test and inspect the mechanical and electrical services within your buildings. Regular serving and testing also maintains the efficiency and reliability of your systems, giving advance notification of any deteriorating components.

Entrust’s tailored Asset Management System (AMS) is the hub of all compliance activities. A live view of your compliance via the Entrust Property Portal enables you to observe the progress of each job from start to finish. The AMS maintains the historic records and invoices with a full audit trail for the planning and undertaking of each job. Detailed service reports identify the results of all tests undertaken and defects are condition and priority graded in a summary report with budget costs to assist planning.

Entrust’s AMS has the flexibility to be viewed at an individual school level or across an estate by Trust leaders by managing the permissions of each personal account. All records remain your property and can be easily downloaded at any time if required.

Service and Testing

Entrust offers access to a range of contracts providing economies of scale. Entrust manage a diverse range service and testing contracts, including:

  • Asbestos Management
  • Air conditioning
  • Boilers
  • Emergency lighting
  • Intruder and Fire alarms
  • Gas and Electrical testing
  • Passenger Lifts
  • Water Hygiene (Legionella and scalding prevention).

Responsive Maintenance

Entrust offer a 24-hour support helpline and emergency assistance for all your building, mechanical and electrical needs. We offer a broad range of frameworks to provide vetted specialist contractors at competitive rates to respond to any emergency or minor repairs.

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