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The primary objective for every school and Trust is to provide pupils with a positive and inspirational learning experience that will help them to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours to fulfil their full potential. The experience and agility of the teaching staff, responsive and visionary leadership, the breadth and quality of school facilities and the efficiency of all back-office operations will all help to determine the level of success with learning outcomes.  But, that’s not all.  Just as important is the school’s culture and the way it manages a wide range of pupil abilities and capabilities and supports the mental and emotional health of pupils through their formative years.

Whether you are a rural primary school, an urban independent or academy, it’s not always easy to stand back from day-to-day priorities and look at the bigger picture.  That’s where we come in.  Capita Entrust provides a wide range of tactical support and advisory services to help you and your colleagues develop and maintain a first-class learning experience for pupils at all times. Our team of advisers have more than three decades of experience helping schools and Trusts like your own to keep their eye on the ball and deliver the best possible outcomes for pupils.

We will help you to:

  • Support the personal development of pupils by helping them to overcome barriers to learning.
  • Manage a wide range of learning difficulties and disabilities.
  • Analyse the needs and priorities of pupils.
  • Benefit from a clear and persuasive commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion.
  • Monitor, track and address behavioural trends and issues.
  • Provide behaviour management training for teachers and teaching assistants.
  • Harness the benefits of our highly respected ‘Ways to Wellbeing’ programme.
  • Manage and develop your provision for children with special needs.
  • Support and challenge your teachers and leaders to drive the principles of continuous improvement.
  • Raise academic attainment and learning outcomes.
  • Deliver new pupil experiences that will inspire, enthuse and encourage.
  • Develop the leadership skills to move forward with confidence.
  • Establish a dynamic approach to STEM and benefit from an extensive network of STEM ambassadors.   

During the academic year 2022/2023, we supported over 323 pupils
at risk of exclusion to remain in mainstream schools.

On behalf of STEM Learning, we deliver the STEM Ambassador Hub
for the West Midlands, working to enhance young people’s
STEM education.

We are the lead partner for The Music Partnership, the Department for
Education’s funded Music Hub.

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