Information Governance

It is all very well being aware of regulations covering data protection and freedom of information.  But, keeping information safe and secure requires diligence and a good understanding of procedures, processes and data content as well as the potential consequences of a data breach.  Capita Entrust has extensive experience in all areas of information governance and will provide your school with advice and support to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance and assured data security.

We can provide your school with Information Security Health Checks, Data Protection Impact Assessments and Information Security Reports as well as advising on any data breaches and training for your staff.  Our Information Governance team can also act as your Data Protection Officer and be the school’s named contact for the Information Commissioner’s Office.  Quite simply, our support will be tailored to reflect your specific data security priorities and requirements.

We will help to ensure your school:

  • Is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Submits accurate and correct GDPR/DPA documentation.
  • Has direct access to the insight and experience of information governance specialists.
  • Has the benefit of regular security health checks and risk assessments.
  • Benefits from advice on all matters relating to data security and protection and the Freedom of Information.
  • Receives prompt updates on any changes or new developments in data protection regulations.

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