About us

Think education, think excellence, think Entrust.

Entrust is an education and skills support services business.

We are driven by our purpose: to create better outcomes – for our employees, clients and customers, suppliers and partners, and society.

Our Approach

Entrust is a joint venture company between Staffordshire County Council and Capita, which means that we bring the best of both worlds to our service delivery; a commitment to provide services that improve the life chances of young people with the efficiency and effectiveness of the private sector.

‘Excellence in education’ is the heart of our business. We work in partnership with schools, academy trusts and Local Authorities to provide specialist expertise, ensuring every child and young person;

  • receives a good education;
  • is in a safe and healthy environment;
  • and is given expert guidance to realise their full potential.

By building on our reputation for excellence and delivering what we promise, we want to help make every school a good school, ensuring every child and young person gets the education they deserve.

Our Organisation

We have worked with schools and academies from over 50 Local Authority areas, offering a vast range of education services from school improvement to schools HR, finance and IT.  We not only provide services to schools from our own teams, but we also facilitate, broker and signpost school-to-school support to ensure the outstanding practice in our schools is shared.

We’re made up of five core teams:

  • Professional development
  • Learning and skills
  • Education Improvement
  • Education support services
  • Pupil experiences

Our Story

In 2013, Staffordshire County Council was looking at the future of its schools’ support services and realised that they needed to be protected from reduced funding and needed to be better placed to compete in an increasingly challenging marketplace. Looking for radical solutions, the council created a joint venture with Capita, under the name Entrust.

Creating a joint venture allowed both parties to develop a shared vision. It combines the best of the public sector working – the knowledge and expertise in delivering services to schools - with the commercial acumen of the private sector. And it has enabled a strong focus on outcomes from the start, including educational development for all and creating the foundations for economic prosperity across the county.

School performance in Staffordshire has improved with 74 more schools being judged good or outstanding since 2012. This translates to over 98,000 pupils now receiving a good education in Staffordshire – an increase of over 22,000 pupils since the creation of Entrust.

Our values

At Entrust, we live by our values. They define who we are, how we work and help us create better outcomes.

Underneath each value, we've identified the behaviours we expect from everyone who works here and we're working hard to embed our values and behaviours to help us become a stronger business that puts our people first. 


We are honest, transparent and respectful

  • We listen before we talk.
  • We welcome people’s differences and encourage diverse input.
  • We share information, but we also know when something needs to be confidential.
  • We don’t stay silent when we have something to say.
  • We thank others for their contribution.


We think about what’s possible

  • We seek opportunities to learn and to teach.
  • We challenge ourselves, and each other, to find new ideas.
  • We create solutions that other people haven’t thought of yet.
  • We learn from our mistakes.
  • We strive to keep improving.


We achieve more when we work together

  • We ask for, and offer, support when needed.
  • We solve problems by working together.
  • We give and receive useful feedback.
  • We agree on who’s doing what.
  • We trust others to do their jobs well.


We care about doing the best job we can

  • We deliver reliably using our tried and tested processes and following our code of conduct.
  • We identify how the work we do leads to better long-term outcomes.
  • We design our solutions with people in mind.
  • We communicate clearly and frequently to set and manage expectations.
  • We see things through, taking responsibility from start to finish.

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