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Effective financial management is not just a case of having the right processes, procedures and disciplines.  It is just as important to overcome the limitations of spreadsheets and to have reliable and intuitive software platforms to support the multitude of finance functions at your school.  That is why Capita Entrust has selected a range of proven software platforms to ensure you benefit from data accuracy and operational efficiencies in all areas. 

Our software platforms are easy to use and are fully compliant with the Department for Education and ESFW requirements.  We are registered as a Bacs Approved Bureau and also provide a cloud-based financial planning tool that includes an effective salary modeller and scenario planning tool.  Our Finance Helpdesk can be contacted by phone or email five days a week and our team will provide you with ongoing support and training so you can benefit fully from the functionality and versatility of the software. 

Our finance software platforms will:

  • Ensure cost-effective, secure and reliable management of all your budget planning and day-to-day transactions.
  • Enable you to benefit from streamlined and resilient processes for all payroll, payments, receipts and refunds.
  • Provide you with salary modelling and scenario planning capabilities.
  • Enable you to plan ahead with confidence with informed budget planning and forecasting.
  • Ensure effective management of all your school finances.
  • Simplify access to financial data for authorised personnel.

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