Asset management

To help you optimise your estate and make informed investment and development decisions, we will work with you to develop and implement an effective asset management strategy.  Our cloud-based data management solution features a trusted and dedicated software system to keep all your asset information in one place and help you to track, monitor and manage all activity and expenditure across the entire estate. 

We will help you to identify trends and changes so you can prioritise all maintenance, remedial, development and service delivery work. And we will help you to maintain compliance with your statutory property responsibilities, ensure effective management of contracts and provide you with fingertip access to all relevant asset information for Ofsted and H&S audits.

As well as undertaking a comprehensive condition survey of your estate we can also help you to identify and make use of potential funding streams and support all planning and development submissions, including licence applications and section 77 approvals. We’ve delivered strategic estate management training on behalf of the Department for Education, so we are as close as anyone to the Department’s methodology for school Asset Management Planning (AMP). And our team of property and compliance specialists will provide you with the deep insight, independent advice and practical support to enable you to plan ahead with confidence.

Our Asset Management Planning services include:

  • Development of a strategic asset management plan for your school.
  • Spatial planning and ensuring all assets fulfil their full potential.
  • Comprehensive condition surveys and annual consultations.
  • A dedicated cloud-based software solution to record, monitor and track the performance of every asset.
  • Proactive support to ensure effective contract management of all refurbishment, renovation and repurposing works as well as the construction of new buildings.
  • Prioritisation of all maintenance and property development activities. 
  • Advice on best practice and all compliance considerations.
  • The provision of CAD plans and support materials.

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