Digital Transformation

Whether your ambition is to support more learners, to improve working practices or to transform service efficiencies, we will help you maintain a progressive and dynamic approach to your digital infrastructure while also complying with education best practice. We’ll also help you to maintain and develop an effective and agile remote learning model by combining wireless capabilities and mobile devices such as laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. And we’ll support your move to blended teaching and learning using secure cloud services and the latest digital education platforms.

Our services include: 

  • ICT Procurement - We will work closely with you to source the most competitively priced Microsoft and market-leading curriculum software and help you purchase and install servers, laptops, tablets, printers, interactive whiteboards, projectors, data/network cabling and storage media.
  • Innovative wireless solutions – We will provide you with a cost-effective solution that ensures full coverage and mobility across your learning community.
  • Future-proofing - We will provide the IT support and infrastructure you need to develop your capacity for growth and service development.
  • A comprehensive range of network and internet services – From leased line connectivity, network monitoring and centrally hosted firewall and domain name management services to dedicated web filtering and email security services. Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) service will also enable your staff to quickly and securely connect to your school’s network from their own home using any internet-connected Windows or Mac OS X device.

Download our product catalogue for more information about the services we offer.

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