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Every centre of education needs to be a place where learners feel safe, secure, comfortable engaged and inspired.  The onus is on every school and MAT to ensure all of their learning and service environments are not only well maintained and equipped but are also fit for purpose and operate effectively and sustainably at all times. Of course, it’s not just a case of classrooms.  There are laboratories, offices, sports facilities, libraries, common rooms, music halls, canteens, quiet rooms, toilets, and washrooms to consider. Many schools have a mixture of contemporary and legacy buildings and facilities, so it can be quite a challenge to optimise all areas of the estate. 

Capita Entrust provides a full range of property and facilities management services to help schools make the most of their existing facilities and make informed decisions about any development, adjustment or expansion.

Our expertise

How we help

  • We will help you to maximise operational efficiencies for every corner of the estate, so you are well placed to deliver the best possible learning experience for pupils throughout their time at the school. 
  • We will help you to develop a robust estate management strategy to reflect your longer-term goals and to identify and address potential challenges in the future.
  • We always take full account of governance requirements, regulatory compliance and the continued evolution of the academic curriculum on the one hand and service technologies on the other.
  • And, where existing facilities and structures present limited scope for repurposing, we will help you to develop the business case and specifications for any new buildings.  We will also provide full project management support through to contract completion.

The professional property team at Capita Entrust has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for its Quality Management System and comprises specialists and highly experienced consultants in all areas of estate management services.  We currently work across 23 different local authorities and have extensive experience of MAT estate management across two or more local authority areas. We always ensure the use of reputable and skilled contractors with first-hand experience in the education sector. And we are able to provide you with direct access to pre-tendered contractors across a multitude of specialisms. 

Between 2016 and 2023, we secured £60.4 million
of Condition Improvement Funding on behalf of schools.

We’ve delivered strategic estate management training
on behalf of the DfE.

Over the past ten years, we have designed and project managed
the build of 15 new schools.

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Green Lea School - Case study

We have designed and built a new nursery room for Green Lea First School in Staffordshire, helping to keep this small village school open, provide quality education and improving learning for all it's pupils.

Case study - Bursley Academy

Bursley Academy - Case study

We’ve helped Bursley Academy in Staffordshire to fund and build a much-needed extension, keeping Bursley’s position as the area’s school of choice by keeping quality primary school education local.

Case study - Leasowes Primary

Condition improvement fund

We helped Leasowes Primary School to secure the funding they needed to replace their roof infrastructure, providing a safe learning and working environment.


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