Cyber Security

The risk of cyber criminals accessing your network or IT devices is very real and the consequences of an attack can be extremely serious and disruptive for individuals and for your entire school. And new threats are always waiting in the wings. Our team of cyber experts have the specialist skills and insight to detect, respond and prevent cybercrime and keep your systems secure to protect your pupils and your staff at all times.

We will:

  • Minimise the risk and damaging consequences of a cyberattack, and we’ll be on the end of the phone whenever you need us.
  • Provide both endpoint and server protection as well as data encryption.
  • Ensure your staff have the skills and knowledge to protect themselves and to work securely and safely.
  • Provide the tools and advice to maintain cyber resilience.
  • Help to ensure you have a disciplined approach to data backup.
  • Provide you with a robust, secure and reliable internet connection designed specifically for the education sector.
  • Enable you to take full advantage of secure cloud-first hybrid network solutions

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