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Whether it is managing day-to-day financial operations or major strategic change and academy conversion projects, the demands on the leadership team of a school, academy or trust can be considerable.  Capita Entrust’s Finance Services team is here to help.  We have the resources and expertise to help ensure financial stability and operational continuity for your school and to give you peace of mind by minimising risk and relieving pressure.

Our support for Governors, Head Teachers, Finance Directors, Business Managers and finance personnel is always tailored to meet the specific priorities and objectives of individual schools.  Whether its meeting statutory financial requirements, secure management of financial transactions, completion of internal audits and management accounts or helping you to navigate unforeseen budget pressures, our team of education finance consultants will provide the support you need. 

Our services cover all areas of business planning, accountancy, payroll and HR.  We will also be pleased to provide full strategic consultancy services and a Help Desk as well as staff training programmes, scenario modelling and forecasting exercises, in-depth advice on academy conversion and Integrated Curriculum and Financial Planning. 

We will help you to:

  • Make informed decisions in any move towards academy conversion and ensure the success of any academy conversion programme.
  • Ensure all of your financial and management accounting processes are robust, well-controlled, responsive and reliable.
  • Minimise the risk of any financial irregularities by undertaking thorough internal audits.
  • Deliver educational excellence founded on financial stability and sustainability.
  • Understand and achieve all statutory financial requirements.
  • Ensure your all of your day-to-day financial transactions and reconciliations are managed securely and effectively.
  • Integrate curriculum goals and financial resource management.
  • Complete all statutory reporting, documentation, registration, due diligence, grant submissions and insurance obligations.
  • Benefit from expertise and counsel of an independent and respected team of education finance specialists.  

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