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Keeping pace with legislation, juggling the ever-changing demands on your budget and ensuring you have the right skillsets in place for effective financial management and governance presents quite an array of challenges for every school and academy.  Capita Entrust provides specialist expertise in resource management and school governance to help you rise to such challenges with confidence and to give you peace of mind at all times.

We will help you to ensure your school is not only operating and performing as effectively and efficiently as possible, but is also compliant with all relevant regulations and best practice and is well-placed to take any educational policy changes and operational adjustments in your stride.  Our team of highly experienced accountants specialise in education and know what it takes to deliver first class financial management and forward planning.  And the skills and experience of our dedicated Governor support team helps to maximise the effectiveness of the governing bodies of schools, academies and trusts all over the UK. 

We work closely with the Institute of School Business Leaders (ISBL), Education Mutual and J&G Marshall to ensure our finance and governance services are always finely tuned.  Significantly, our close working relationship with school finance managers and leading figures from the world of education has also enabled us to develop dedicated software tools to provide you with the prompt and accurate insight for informed decision making.

Our expertise

We will help you to:

  • Keep up to speed with legislation and regulatory changes.
  • Ensure your financial management skills and disciplines are appropriate and effective.
  • Ensure all expenditure is managed efficiently and accurately.
  • Maintain business continuity in all circumstances.
  • Plan ahead with confidence.
  • Ensure your school is compliant with all regulations and the principles of continuous improvement and best practice.
  • Maximise governance skills and performance.

Our peripatetic services are saving some schools
over £15,000 per year.

We’re trusted by the DfE and have delivered
school resource management training
on their behalf for four years running.

We provide Governor services to schools, academies and trusts
across 21 local authorities, from Leeds to Kent.

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