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Effective people management is dependent on all of your school’s HR processes and procedures running smoothly and efficiently at all times, especially during and after operational changes or mergers. The risks and serious consequences of inadvertent oversights or misplaced assumptions are very real and can easily undermine even the most well-considered and ambitious employee relations strategy.  To move forward with confidence and to maintain full compliance with all relevant legislation, more and more schools are turning to the HR Advisory Team at Capita Entrust for expert guidance and support.

Whether it’s a question of getting to grips with the finer details of employment law and the legalities of TUPE transfer or simply having a better understanding of disciplinary, grievance and mediation procedures, our team of experts have the skills and knowledge to remove any uncertainties and give you peace of mind. Our guidance is founded on the professional insight of our team and our many years of experience working in partnership with schools and Trusts like your own. And our services are readily tailored to reflect your specific requirements.

Our HR advisory services will provide you with:

  • Guidance on all matters concerning employment legislation.
  • Effective and efficient procedures for all HR responsibilities - from recruitment, contract preparation and maternity/paternity arrangements to mediation and conflict resolution.
  • Detailed guidance on all TUPE-related matters.
  • Advice on staff transfers and contract adjustments.
  • A comprehensive range of HR training courses and webinars.
  • Support through all stages of the recruitment process.
  • Access to Capita Entrust’s HR Knowledge Hub and a host of factsheets, templates and information on health and wellbeing as well as details of all training courses.
  • Access to a full range of legal support services (in partnership with Irwin Mitchell). 
  • Strategic support for developing robust, flexible and fair people management policies.
  • Occupational Health services.
  • Advice on the development and implementation of effective reward and retention policies.
  • Guidance on all staff consultations and trade union negotiations.
  • Access to trained mediators.
  • Annual employment law updates and a dedicated newsletter every term.

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