The welfare of pupils is the top priority for every school.  Our online safety and safeguarding technology will help to ensure your pupils are protected from online threats such as radicalism, extremism, cyberbullying, pornography and grooming as well as other safeguarding concerns. Our solution not only records and monitors any potential concerns but also helps you to respond decisively and promptly at all times.

We proactively monitor and protect over 100,000 young people around the UK and, in the last academic year, our service detected over 200,000 violations and nearly 1,500 serious child safety threats. Our suite of proven safeguarding services are reliable, simple to deploy and easy to use and provide first class protection without major investment or disruption to established learning practices.

Our services include: 

  • Digital monitoring - The most comprehensive and compliant online safeguarding solution to keep users safe online and to alert you to any potential safeguarding issues as they occur. Should it be necessary, we will also help your school deal with any serious or escalating issue.
  • Recording and reporting of safeguarding concerns - Dedicated software to simplify the recording of concerns, identify any emerging threats and risks and to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and the auditing requirements of Ofsted and Estyn.
  • Online safety audit - Providing a comparative and objective assessment of your school’s online safeguarding measures.
  • Reporting tool for pupils and pastoral care teams - Giving pupils a discreet and confidential way to highlight any concerns, while also providing pastoral care teams with powerful case management reports.
  • Emergency support  - A unique on-call solution that works across all devices to help protect staff and pupils in the event of a critical incident or emergency
  • Mobile device monitoring - Enabling teachers to monitor online web activity of pupils and providing alerts for any harmful content and behaviours so that appropriate measures can be taken.

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