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Entrust understand the importance of recruiting to supply roles quickly and easily. That's why we've partnered with the Supply Register.

Who is The Supply Register?

The Supply Register care about education recruitment and delivering a ‘fair deal’ for teachers, schools and the ‘ethical’ agencies that support them. Whether you are looking for the right talent or a resourcing partner for all your school’s recruitment — The Supply Register has all the experience and expertise you need.

The Supply Register offering

We believe schools can fill their supply roles more cost-effectively and with less hassle — and that they can do it with technology.  That's why we've created a state-of-the-art platform to bring together schools, education professionals and agencies. Our streamlined education recruitment process keeps everyone connected. This saves schools time and money and allows them to invest more budget where it really matters — improving the quality of children’s education. Our unique, custom-built platform gives schools complete control of supply recruitment and management. All our candidates are strictly vetted and paid at the best market rates, so when you work with us you know you’ll have access to the best quality teaching and support staff to build your staff bank. What’s more, there’s no up-front cost or ongoing management or license fee to be paid and our dedicated regional Partnership Management Team is here to support you every step of the way.


Streamline your school's recruitment processes

Our unique, custom-built platform and mobile app have been specifically designed for busy education professionals, with schools’ recruitment needs in mind.  The platform uses web-based technology to give you all the real-time tools you need to efficiently connect with and manage supply staff – from vacancy creation and timesheet approval to invoicing and self-billing.   Using our ‘bank first’ approach, our platform enables you to submit a job posting, match it to your candidate database and communicate the assignment to them - meaning you fill your vacancies quickly and efficiently.  It works across both desktop and mobile devices, so you can stay on top of your staffing needs whether in school or on the move; and thanks to our mobile app, reaching staff and supply agencies is quicker, simpler and more convenient than ever before!  The Supply Register platform is easy to implement and even easier to use, with training taking less than 30 minutes and simple features of the app meaning more of your time can be spent where it matters the most - on children’s learning.

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School benefits

  • Transparency and Control: Our web-based industry-leading platform provides the mechanism for schools to achieve full vetting and assessment of candidates.
  • Increased Compliance: Our rigorous audit process ensures each one of our agencies goes above and beyond trade association standards.
  • Simplified Administration: The indirect costs and time savings derived from processing hundreds of timesheets and invoices per month are eradicated and replaced with one clear invoice per week.
  • Cost Savings: Our approach reduces your costs by up to 20% by building localised ‘talent banks’ of staff that are remunerated in line with recognised pay scales, elimination of finder’s fee and standardising charge rates from supplying agencies.

Why we're different

The Supply Register was created with the ambition to think differently about school recruitment.  We are a forward-thinking organisation, driven to make a difference and founded on the principles of trust, equality and fairness – helping both schools and candidates to secure a better deal. Technology is at the heart of The Supply Register and you’ll find innovation at every corner of our business. Yet it’s people who make our business the success it is today, and every school, candidate and agency partner we work with is vital to our mission.

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Our dedicated regional Partnership Management team cover large parts across the UK, including the West Midlands, to ensure you get support tailored to your school’s individual needs.

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