Education technologies autumn updates

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Education technologies autumn updates

Join us on October 13th to explore the latest challenges, trends, and updates in the world of education technologies.

Attend for the whole day or pick and choose the sessions you’re most interested in attending. Simply reserve your delegate place by clicking the booking links below, by calling 0333 300 1900, or by emailing 

09:30 - 10:15 – Entrust – Education Technology challenges, trends and updates for 2021/2022

Hear from colleagues within Entrust’s Education Technologies business with reflections on the challenges of the last 18 months, the forthcoming trends as we see them and updates around our key products and services

10:30 - 11:15 – Arbor – What's stopping you taking a data-driven approach to recovery?

Join Tim Ward, Senior Partner Manager at Arbor and former Governor, Headteacher and school improvement adviser, for a 40 minute live webinar. Tim will discuss taking a data-driven approach to school recovery post-covid, including:

  1. The case for taking a data-driven approach - why should you?
  2. 'A bad workman blames their tools' - how can a good tool make your life easier?
  3. What's really stopping you from taking a data driven approach?

The session will also have time for questions.

11:30 - 12:15 – Learning By Questions (LbQ) – ‘Learning by Questions’ - not just for lockdown!

No one can deny that the last two years has caused a lot of disruption in schools and many classroom resources struggled to adapt. In this interview with Education Consultant Jon Chambers from Learning by Questions, we take a closer look at how resources built upon on strong pedagogical principles have been used seamlessly and successfully throughout. We will also be joined by one of our school ambassador teachers, who adopted Learning by Questions during the crisis and is now seeing how flexible it is back in the traditional school day. LbQ's 5 key principles of supporting teacher judgement, easy to use technology, comprehensive learning resources and immediate pupil feedback maximise the lesson - wherever it happens to be.
12:30 - 13:15 – Entrust – Safeguarding in a post-pandemic world

Hear from Entrust’s Safeguarding Manager, Andy Pyper, as he reflects on the lessons learnt by our Safeguarding Monitoring service during the pandemic and how those lessons can apply to all schools as we enter a post-pandemic world.

13:30 - 14:15 – Lexplore Analytics - A clear view of reading

Lexplore provide a ground-breaking method of measuring reading attainment, which uses artificial intelligence and eye tracking technology to offer an entirely new insight into literacy.
By measuring when, where, and how a student’s eyes move in relation to the words they are reading, Lexplore’s paperless assessment quickly analyses their skills across key reading components, determines their attainment, and highlights potential barriers in a matter of minutes.
Join us to gain a greater understanding into the immediate, fully objective, and in-depth results teachers can then work with to support both emerging and fluent readers in their development.

14:30 – 15:15 – Entrust – Maximising pupil engagement and teacher confidence with our computing curriculum partnership with Just2easy (J2E)

J2e is an award-winning software solution specifically designed for education. It provides a collection of online educational tools that engage, motivate and inspire your pupils to meet and exceed the national curriculum, from Foundation through to the end of Key Stage 2.
The Entrust computing scheme of work perfectly complements j2e, giving you easy-to-follow planning and activities to use in your lessons.
Please join us to learn how:

  • The spiral curriculum builds upon what has gone before and prepares your students for what comes next
  • The units from year to year have been sequenced to include the consolidation and extension of skills and knowledge
  • Key learning outcomes (waypoints) are clearly identified for each unit, explaining what your pupils need to know about the current topic to ensure they are prepared to understand and succeed in the next one. This helps to inform your teaching, adjust your planning, and produce clear next steps for your pupils
  • Knowledge organisers are a handy tool that you can use to teach pupils new vocabulary and learning points, revisit previous associated units of learning, and find out how they are progressing through the curriculum. When used alongside each other, j2e and Entrust’s scheme of work are helping to enhance the computing provision of schools, improve teacher confidence and increase learner engagement and enthusiasm

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