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Building and managing sustainable learning spaces

We create better outcomes and inspire futures for schools, young people and children by building and managing inspirational, safe, efficient and sustainable learning spaces.

We know that schools, colleges, community centres and places of work need to be more than a physical building. They need to be places that children and young people love to go to and feel safe in, have features that will inspire and incite, and have spaces that will provide a sense of community and belonging.

Our team will help you run an efficient and sustainable school estate that provides safe, healthy and appealing learning spaces.

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We are a multi-disciplinary business providing a whole range of services. Our holistic approach not only supports you to manage the day-to-day operational requirements of your buildings but also supports you with your long-term strategic overview identifying future challenges and opportunities.

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Energy saving tips

Our energy team have 12 top tips to help you to save energy, money and the environment.

Energy funding fact sheet

View our Salix fact sheet to get financial help to become more energy-efficient.

6 steps to property compliance

View our six steps to keeping students and staff safe at school.

Making a successful CIF bid

Find out what makes a successful Condition Improvement Funding application

The benefits of master planning

Our industry experts will teach you how to optimise your school and academy spaces.

Compliance Engineering Inspections

Learn how to identify which pieces of equipment require additional testing and inspections.

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We know that schools need to be more than a physical building. They need to be places that children and young people love to go to and feel safe in, have features that will inspire and motivate, and have spaces that will provide a sense of community and belonging. We design safe, energy-efficient flagship buildings that local communities can be proud of. 

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Master planning 

To create a school that’s modern and suited to your needs, it’s important to assess your existing space to make sure that you’re using it efficiently and effectively. Our team of master planning professionals will assess all your school buildings, evaluating their suitability and condition and identifying any shortfalls and surpluses. It’s a strategic investment that will deliver maximum benefit to your school and pupils. 

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Utility charges are a significant cost for most schools, second only to staff salaries. One way to limit the amount you spend on energy consumption is to implement energy efficiency savings, and we can help you to do this.

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One of the most basic requirements for effective education is a safe and secure learning environment. It’s also a legal necessity and your responsibility as both a landlord and an employer.  We’ll keep your buildings and your people safe by managing your maintenance and compliance.

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Case Studies

Green Lea School - Case study

We have designed and built a new nursery room for Green Lea First School in Staffordshire, helping to keep this small village school open, provide quality education and improving learning for all it's pupils.

Bursley Academy - Case study

We’ve helped Bursley Academy in Staffordshire to fund and build a much-needed extension, keeping Bursley’s position as the area’s school of choice by keeping quality primary school education local.

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