Enabling students to voice their concerns

Tootoot gives students a discreet and confidential way to speak up about their concerns when they are unable to do so face-to-face.

Pupil messages are received by a trusted member of staff who can respond immediately, managing the report with Tootoot’s powerful case-management features, and building up a chronology from start to finish.

The ability to link mentors and reassign cases is key for schools, where multiple staff members may need to support or stay updated with a wellbeing concern.

The app is particularly effective for pupils who may not be confident enough to approach an adult or who want to speak up but are at home, on a school trip or unable to access the wellbeing services.

Key features

Incident recording: build a full picture of pupil wellbeing

The app’s incident recording feature gives wellbeing staff a way to quickly and accurately record notes from meetings with pupils, link mentors to add detail and tag pupil involvement to build the full picture.

The detailed audit log ensures that you know exactly when notes were recorded, giving you peace of mind that your records are accurate.

Dashboard and report: save time by having data at your fingertips

Tootoot’s powerful dashboard and reports give you an understanding of the trends in specific pupil groups, locations, reporting times and student involvement. The app also builds detailed pupil chronologies that you can use to manage and monitor specific pupil interventions.

This data can be analysed, shared and printed at the click of a button, making it a simple yet powerful tool for reporting to your SLT and governors.

This feature enhances a school’s work by giving real-time data that measures the effectiveness of its campaigns and interventions. It also helps the school’s SLT and governors to get a deeper understanding of trends within the school, strengthening the support and guidance they can give.

Tootmood: measure the mental health and wellbeing of pupils

Tootmood is our tablet-based app that gives you the ability to measure wellbeing within your school. Simply ask a question and receive feedback to monitor the mood and wellbeing of your students, staff and parents.

Tootmood provides insights into topics such as student wellbeing, allows you to compare different audience groups, and identifies trends by giving you the ability to compare events across a period of time.

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