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Safeguarding access to systems using Antivirus (Sophos Endpoint)

Entrust’s Antivirus solution will prevent, detect, and remove damaging intruders such as computer Viruses, Worms, Adware, Spyware, Trojan horses and other forms of malware (Malicious Software).

Services include;

  • Provision of site-wide licence
  • Access to download the latest Sophos antivirus software and updates
  • Detailed instructions to guide you through the software upgrade process
  • Best practice and advice
  • Alerts on malware impacting on core servers
  • Guidance on isolating and disinfecting affected devices
  • Monitoring connections to the central Entrust server for Sophos Endpoint updates
  • Guidance regarding major security threats and actions to take.   

Safeguarding access to data using Encryption (Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise)

Encryption is the process of scrambling data to make it unreadable to anyone except those authorised to do so, and by employing Entrust’s Encryption solution, you can ensure private data is protected both inside and outside of your school. 

Services include;

  • Access to the latest Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise updates  
  • Detailed instructions to guide you through the software upgrade process
  • Remote password reset assistance
  • Licence monitoring
  • Standard and customized policies
  • Advice and guidance on using the software to encrypt selected devices and data  
  • Remote data recovery advice. 

Backup your data and content using Remote Backup (Admin, Curriculum and Mac servers)

The Remote Backup service ensures an automated backup of your key data takes place every day and a copy is held off-site with no user intervention required. Providing a safe and secure means for ensuring the ongoing protection of your crucial data. 

Services include

  • Server licence and software
  • Scalable data storage limits  
  • Daily backup checked for failures, errors and warnings
  • Rectification of errors and warnings to ensure successful backups  
  • Managed restores
  • Access to complete local restores
  • Data retention for 60 days
  • Storage limit alert
  • Allocation of buffer limit to allow data reduction within the storage limit
  • Dedicated plug-ins for Exchange, SQL and SIMS databases
  • Web access to remotely check backups completed successfully

Safeguarding pupils using content monitoring software (Smoothwall Monitor)

Content Monitoring software enables you to monitor activity across school chromebooks, laptops and desktops for the purpose of safeguarding and protecting your school, staff and students.  Any potential inappropriate activity is highlighted to allow your school to take any necessary action. 

Services include

  • Sitewide licence
  • Access to standard reports
  • Guidance on policies
  • Data retention for 12 months
  • Software upgrades and deployment 

Safeguarding Monitoring Service

The Entrust Monitoring Service protects pupils by monitoring, capturing and alerting schools to potentially harmful content or behaviour.  Show Ofsted that you are taking your responsibilities seriously by allowing Entrust’s safeguarding professionals to monitor your system on your behalf. By subscribing to the Entrust Monitoring Service, you will receive scheduled summary reports and email alerts driven by incidents that have taken place within your school. You will also retain full ownership and access to the data stored securely as per the requirements of the Data Protection Act. 

Services include;

Monitoring of all PCs and Macs running the Smoothwall Monitor content monitoring software, and analysis of the data captured for your school. The captures and reports will be assessed according to the level of risk in line with guidance from:

  • Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre
  • Internet Watch Foundation
  • British Standards Institute Specification PAS 74: Internet safety – Access control systems for the protection of children online

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