Re-skilling post Covid

Five tips for creating better educational outcomes with tech-savvy staff

While online learning and teaching has become the accepted norm in education today, this doesn’t mean that your teachers aren’t struggling.

In fact, a recent YouGov survey shows that staff members’ confidence in using new technology is low: nearly one in three don’t feel supported in implementing online learning in the classroom. Nearly half (47%) feel that they can’t access adequate training resources, and 40% hadn’t used any online or digital learning platforms at their school before Covid-19, rising to 52% for teachers over the age of 55.

Schools have had to invest in new technologies and digital platforms to stay at the forefront of the latest educational trends. According to HM Treasury’s 2020 Spending Review, £64m was allocated to the Department for Education to bring technology up to date. This was in response to the massive 71.5% growth that the UK’s education technology (edtech) sector during 2020, brought on by lockdown measures and mandatory school closures.

And, in the light of all the challenges, teachers have done a great job – they’ve had to adapt, and fast. But many schools weren’t prepared to teach remotely when Covid-19 hit, and often they had a reactive response rather than proactively embracing these new ways of teaching and learning.

YouGov research shows that teachers are most worried about a lack of face-to-face time with their pupils (65%), the social and emotional development of their students (53%) and their own ability to teach effectively online (51%). But at the same time, they understand the importance of remote learning: 88% believe that the pandemic has accelerated hybrid learning and 74% acknowledge that online and digital learning platforms are critical to primary and secondary education in the future.

So, proactively upskilling your staff to deal with these changes and new methods is essential.

Give your staff members the support and training they need to keep up with technology and perform at their very best. As a result, they’ll be happier, your pupils will be happier and you’ll be happier – because your productivity and staff retention rates will improve at the same time.

Here are five top tips for reskilling your people to thrive in the post-pandemic future:

1. Spend your money wisely

Budget strategically, not only for new technology and infrastructure but also for training. Make providing your teachers with the training and support they need to use technology effectively a priority.

2. Collaborate on IT strategy

While you may already have an IT strategy in place, it’s important to remember that it needs to be collaborative. For technology to be implemented properly, everyone has to be on board with it. So make sure that the whole school understands its purpose, what it will help to achieve and how it will support their daily life (such as reducing administration time, enhancing teaching and making data safer).

3. Benchmark against the best

Do yourself a favour and look at how other schools are using technology and where it’s been successful. It’s important to understand the value of your technology, and how and where it can help you to improve outcomes for your pupils, whether you’re teaching remotely or in the classroom.

4. Tailor your training

Some of your staff members may be comfortable using new technology while others may not. So, invest in personalised development plans such as introducing mentors. If you do have staff members who are comfortable and confident using technology, ask them to mentor their less confident colleagues. It will make your job a lot easier.

5. Get some help

Finally, remember that it takes dedication and time to give your staff the training that they need to become tech-savvy. So, consider bringing in an edtech consultant who can pull your strategy and training together for you, leaving you to focus on what you do best - running your school.

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