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360 Degree Online Safety Audit Consultancy

The aim of this consultancy service is to provide resources designed to help and support schools benchmark where they currently are against the accreditation level, other 360 schools and the local authority as a whole.  The online safety audit is a useful tool to support schools on where you should be heading. 

The review takes approximately half a day with an online safety consultant with extensive experience of school improvement and provides an objective assessment of the school’s overall level of online safeguarding maturity. 

As part of the consultancy, We leaves the school with:                             

  • A detailed report on each of 28 aspects of online safety 
  • A set of improvement actions for each aspect 
  • A record of discussion and commentary around those actions 
  • Links to online resource and support 
  • A digital resource pack to support those improvements 
  • A summary of strengths and prioritised areas for development 
  • Graphical benchmarking of the schools current level of maturity against other schools, including those within the local authority for which we hold data 

In preparation for the review, the school will need:

  • To familiarise themselves with the 360 degree safe online safety criteria.  
  • School registration with 360 degree safe online self-review tool at 
  • Supporting documentation as evidence to review if they choose 

Involvement of key staff responsible for; School leadership, Management, Child Protection, Safeguarding, ICT Subject lead and Technical Teams. This consultancy is intended for; Online Safety Leads, Senior Leadership Team, Network Managers, Technicians and Business Managers.

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