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Futures Browser is a brand new app that allows you to monitor the online web activity of pupils using mobile devices*.

Available right now via the App Store, Futures Browser is a comprehensive, monitoring browser that protects the online learning environment without restricting it. Futures Browser further supports your obligatory safeguarding requirements, It is the latest addition to our Safeguarding Suite.

With more and more schools becoming increasingly mobile, it is essential that the correct tools are in place to assist you in your safeguarding duty to protect learners. With Futures Browser, teachers are given a full view of pupil activity, ensuring pupils are on task and fully monitored against offensive behaviours.

How does it work?

Once installed onto devices, all searches and browsing will take place through Futures Browser. Inappropriate search content, social media and other online communications will then trigger an eSafety notification. The browser will also block inappropriate content and the user will be redirected to a safe page. Blocked content is then recorded and sent to the management console.

The management console hosts screen captures and blocked content which is graded according to severity. This can then be viewed by staff to assess each incident.

Key Features of Futures Browser:

  • Complete visibility of pupil activity on mobile devices
  • Monitors and captures all online content through the browser
  • Alerts Teachers to harmful content and behaviour
  • Management console ensures full accountability for School DSL
  • Hosts an inappropriate content blocker
  • Cost-effective
  • Encourages responsible behaviour when online

Contact your Account Manager today to learn more about Futures Browser and how you can ensure Internet Safety on Mobile Devices in your school.

*iOS devices only

Planned Roadmap Features

The following features are planned for future release:

  • iPad settings entry for Futures Browser
  • Ability to utilise manually input web addresses in the ‘Address Bar’
  • Local storage and use of ‘Bookmarks’ and ‘Favourites’
  • Ability to clear a ‘Website Cache’ and ‘History’
  • Ability to set a ‘Home Page’ (landing page for new tabs)
  • Ability to manually enter and initialise a web address in the Address Bar

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Contact us to learn more about Futures Browser and how you can ensure Internet Safety on Mobile Devices in your school.

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