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Learning by Questions (LbQ) is a teaching tool that fits seamlessly with any type of learning.

Whether it be in-class, blended or remote learning, by providing resources designed to complement teaching and improve learning outcomes.

LbQ is a proven teaching and learning tool filled with curriculum-aligned Question Sets in maths, English and science. We help to give teachers resources, pupil feedback and live insights, so that teacher can make the most of every single moment of a lesson.

How it works

Pupils can answer questions on a device, whether that be at home or in the classroom, all of which are automatically marked on the platform, with teachers able to monitor pupil performance and progress in real-time on our results matrix. Teachers can see how pupils are progressing in real-time, which means they can intervene and address any misconceptions before it's too late.

The scaffolded resources ensure that faster learners are moved on to greater levels of challenge, whilst slower learners get to grips with the basics. This means that every pupil stays engaged and moves at a pace that suits them.

With LbQ, all performance data for a particular class is stored over time. This allows you to see how a pupil has done in all the LbQ Question Sets that you have set, providing tangible evidence of how pupils are progressing. This long term data can be used to aid planning, assessment and to show inspectors at the touch of a button.


NCETM's teaching for mastery

LbQ mastery Question Sets successfully deliver every aspect of the NCETM's 'Teaching for Mastery' recommendations, supporting your whole-school implementation of a mastery approach through the five big ideas:

  1. Representation and structure
  2. Variation
  3. Fluency
  4. Mathematical thinking
  5. Coherance

LbQ content aligns closely with the White Rose 'Small Steps' helping children to take small, connected steps towards mastery.

Alongside full mastery sets, supplementary Question Sets are available to give children additional practice or to extend thinking further.

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LbQ Overview

An introduction to Learning by Questions

LbQ Maths Mastery

View our Learning by Questions meets the NCEMTM criteria for Maths mastery

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