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Following increasing demands to safeguard our children from online threats such as radicalisation, extremism, cyberbullying, pornography, and grooming, as well as the requirement for appropriate monitoring from Keeping Children Safe in Education. We are pleased to offer a digital monitoring service to all schools and academies across England. This service provides your school with the most comprehensive online safeguarding solution for keeping users safe online, while allowing access to all the benefits of the online world.


How does it work?

The Digital Monitoring Service protects pupils by monitoring, capturing and alerting schools to potentially harmful content or behaviour.  Show Ofsted you are taking your responsibilities seriously by allowing our safeguarding professionals to monitor your system on your behalf. When you subscribe to Entrusts Digital Monitoring Service, our safeguarding analysts will review the captures generated by your school and alert you by email or telephone to any potential safeguarding issues as they occur. In addition, you will receive scheduled summary reports of the activity across your devices. 

We will monitor all PCs, Chromebooks and Macs running the Smoothwall Monitor software while analysing the captures for your school. The captures and reports will be assessed according to the level of risk in line with guidance from:

  • Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre


  • Internet Watch Foundation

  • British Standards Institute Specification PAS 74: Internet Safety - Access control systems for the protection of children online

Reporting captures

Each capture is graded a level of severity on a scale of 1 - 5. If any captures showing grade 4 or 5 are detected, Entrust will flag this with your school with an explanation as to why. Each school will provide a named contact(s) who will be alerted by email to any Grade 4 and Grade 5 captures requiring attention. 

The email will provide logging details that allow your school to access the console, view the graded captures and take appropriate action. 

Where necessary, our safeguarding analysts can support your school in dealing with or escalating the situation. Your school will retain full ownership and access to the data, stored securely as per requirements of the Data Protection Act. 

Captures are graded in accordance with the following Risk Levels:

  • Grade 1: False positive - no problem

  • Grade 2: Off task, cyber slacking

  • Grade 3: Potentially unsafe content or behaviour

  • Grade 4: Potential safeguarding issue without risk of immediate harm

  • Grade 5: Potential safeguarding issue with risk of immediate harm

Meeting statutory guidance

The Digital Monitoring Service will support you in meeting your requirements as per the following guidance:

A safer learning environment

The monitoring service offers a breakthrough in providing a safer learning environment: 

  • Without limiting the web experience 

  • Without excessive network management 

  • Without significant costs or loss of learning opportunities

  • Without the added time overhead for staff having to manage the system and captures

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Alleviate your staff from the burden of content monitoring and let Entrust do the work for you. Get in touch to find out how it can support your school, academy or trust. 

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