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Brand-new DfE funded training to support effective school resource management

During these times of uncertainty, it’s never been more important for schools and academies to focus on financial efficiency and sustainability.

Entrust, on behalf of the Department for Education (DfE), has recently delivered a series of six resource management webinars to help schools to achieve their teaching and learning ambitions with the financial resources available to them. You can find recorded versions of these webinars.

We’re now pleased to share our Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning (ICFP) tool that will make your role easier by integrating your curriculum goals and financial resource management into one approach and help you to manage your school resources effectively.

The tool

ICFP looks at the key metrics that inform and influence school leaders’ decisions. Our ICFP tool allows you to introduce and implement ICFP with confidence by calculating these key metrics and using them to produce an ideal staffing structure. It’s supported by an Entrust webinar that explains what these metrics mean, enabling staff members to learn about ICFP and how it can positively affect your school’s financial planning.

Entrust has been recognised by the DfE and is on its list of providers of ICFP advice.

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To find to more about ICFP and to purchase your tools, visit our School Resource Management website.

These courses are funded by the DfE and are completely free

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