Translation and Interpreting Service

Covering over a hundred different languages this service will support schools in making meetings, communications and documents accessible to parents/carers.  

This service falls into two categories; 1. LiveLINK and 2. SmartMATE:

1. LiveLINK
An on demand remote interpreting service where schools will be able to connect to an interpreter and pay on a per minute basis. There is a one off registration charge of £75 to set you up on the system. Once registered, calls will cost 85p per minute.

Features include:

  • 15 second connection time
  • Operator on hand 24/7
  • In-depth screening and performance monitoring
  • 3 ways to connect (app, phone, web)
  • One-time login and stored usage data
  • Encrypted communications within an ISO 27001 platform

Speed of connection
With access via the web or via our mobile app, we have removed the need for a call operator to ask for your PIN, language and any other additional information. As soon as you place your request, our system starts its search for your interpreter. The result? A new and improved connection speed meaning you can be linked with an interpreter in as little as 15 seconds.

Customer support
Although unnecessary to connect to an operator every time you use the app, round-the-clock support is on hand whenever and wherever you need it. What’s more, our team can manually assign your requests and provide additional service if required.

The LiveLINK platform is unparalleled in terms of its flexibility. By providing your secure login details, you can connect to the system via Android, iPhone, the web or even by going back to basics and using a standard telephone line. What’s more, LiveLINK gives you the option to specify the gender of your interpreter, easily set up a third-party conference call with the non-English speaker, or re-connect with your interpreter within a minute of completing the call; ideal if something slips your mind during your initial conversation.

Ease of use
With the app, you only need to log in once, meaning you don’t have to provide a PIN number every time you wish to reach an interpreter. On top of this, the app also remembers your usage information, so it will automatically revert back to the previous language you requested next time you come to use its services.

The LiveLINK platform has most certainly been built with security in mind. All communications are encrypted and secured when using the platform ensuring safe, private, and secure real-time communications. Our innovative technologies protect against eavesdropping and information-tampering, and, as part of our ISO 27001 accreditation, all staff and interpreters undergo a series of criminal background checks and a vetting process, including training on a host of security topics.

2. SmartMATE
A remote on-demand translation service allowing schools to submit documents through an online portal to be translated to/from English. Subscribe to LiveLINK and you will also receive FREE access to SmartMATE.

Find out more
To find out more about how you can purchase LiveLINK please call 0333 300 1900 or click here (sign in required)