Inclusion and Wellbeing

The inclusion and wellbeing support team are here to help you meet all of your requirements for the Ofsted judgement – personal development, behaviour and welfare.

School Improvement and Consultation

  • Work within the social and emotional aspects of learning framework training for staff.
  • Behavioural management policy development.
  • PSHE advice to help you develop an effective and current curriculum, including coverage of difficult issues such as drugs, alcohol and smoking and relationships and sex education - including preparing for statutory implementation.
  • Behaviour audit of existing practice through our ‘behaviour for learning’ observation.
  • Professional reflection and development.
  • Pre and post Ofsted advice and support.
  • Ways to Wellbeing Award.
  • Difference and Diversity within the curriculum.
  • Guidance on behaviour and attendance including statutory duties.
  • Pupil participation including School Councils and peer mentoring.
  • Guidance to ensure compliance with the Equality Act.

Individual Casework

  • Professional discussions/coaching centred on behaviour management to inform Quality First Teaching.
  • Student focussed classroom observation for behaviour or English as an Additional Language (EAL) followed by specific advice and support.
  • Group work to support all aspects of emotional literacy using a solution focused approach.
  • One to one skills development sessions including de-escalation techniques.
  • Functional behaviour assessments.
  • Solution focused interventions for pupils experiencing difficulties in school.
  • Alternative therapies e.g. drama therapy.
  • Tuition for EAL pupils.


  • Staff wellbeing
  • Behaviour management training for teachers and teaching assistants.
  • Mid-day and cover supervisor behaviour management training.
  • Parent workshops with a focus on behaviour management, attendance and ways to support at home.
  • NQT training in classroom behaviour management - looking at both the implications for planning the teaching of those with specific behavioural needs and consideration of the learning environment.
  • Whole school approaches to behaviour management including a Choice, Decision, Instruction framework (CDI).
  • PSHE education training including safeguarding issues such as CSE.
  • Whole school Prevent training.
  • Whole class sessions relating to mental health, diversity and PSHE education.

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