Entrust NQT Appropriate Body Service

For maintained schools, it is a statutory requirement to register NQTs with an appropriate body service.

Entrust has extensive expertise in providing high quality support for NQTs and their tutors. We currently support maintained schools, academies, independent schools and other educational settings in the Midlands and further afield. Entrust is registered with the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) as an appropriate body for NQT induction.

Entrust offers a comprehensive service for supporting NQTs throughout their induction process as the appropriate body including:

  • Registration and inclusion on the TRA NQT database.
  • Receipt, processing, monitoring and quality assurance of assessment forms.
  • Determination of the length of the induction period.
  • Final decision on whether the NQT has made satisfactory progress against the Teachers’ Standards, based on the Headteacher’s/Principal’s recommendations.
  • Notification of completion of NQT induction to the TRA.
  • Guidance for induction tutor(s) including supporting website documentation and handbook.
  • Information for NQTs – including supporting website documentation and handbook.
  • Dedicated helpline, named contact and email contact for induction tutors and NQTs.
  • Knowledgeable, experienced consultants who will give advice where NQTs are at risk of failure.

To enhance your management of the NQT induction process, we include in our provision a nationally recognised online system which will enable you to access and complete the assessment requirements with ease.

The benefits of this system are:

  • Quick and easy access to view information about your NQT’s induction year, for example when their next assessment is due, when they are due to finish, as well as view previous assessments you have completed.
  • Part time NQTs assessment due dates are automatically calculated and assessments added to the system at the correct dates.
  • Automated reminders when assessments are due for completing online.
  • Secure online submission of assessments.
  • NQTs’ and tutors’ details can be quickly and easily updated.
  • Automatic TRA Employer Access check during registration to ensure that NQTs have QTS.
  • Easy access to materials to support the induction process.
  • Everything stored permanently online for you –no need for printing or posting of assessments and registration forms.
  • Online, so it’s accessible from anywhere.
  • Save and come back to later – even if you are somewhere else.
  • Secure, encrypted, password protected system, backed up regularly; so that your data is safe.
  • Technical help readily available, both through an online helpdesk and telephone support.

Contact us to find out more or register your NQT online today.