Securing Additional Funding

Entrust Property Team provide technical expertise to develop your bid for additional funding for property projects. Through the identification of areas of need, evidencing the condition and proposing costed options by vetted contractors, Entrust will deliver a bid that meets the qualifying criteria of the funding provider and optimises your chance of success.

Opportunities to secure funding can come from a variety of sources but two of the most widely accessed routes are:

EFSA’s Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) for Academies and Sixth-form Colleges.

CIF’S core priority is supporting condition projects to ensure that academies and sixth-form buildings are safe and in good working order. The CIF funding aims to address issues that revenue or Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) funding cannot meet.

We understand how to support you with the full CIF bidding process. We will collate the supporting evidence, undertake the bid writing process, design and package the final solution and can manage the project delivery on your behalf. We will upload your monitoring returns, support you with any amendments of funding allocation, CIF appeals and upload all completion certification for you.


Salix operate funds available to LEA maintained schools, academies, colleges and public buildings to reduce their energy usage by replacing inefficient technologies with modern energy efficient equivalents. The interest-free funding is paid back to Salix through the savings made on the school’s energy bills. Schemes extend up to eight years depending on the size and complexity of the project. The most common are LED lighting, Boiler replacement, heating improvements, Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and insulation.

We will identify potential projects, design and package the final solution, then support you through the full Salix application. Once approved, we will manage the works through to completion.

The school will usually make a saving during the payback period and then significant savings thereafter. The technologies also have an immediate and positive impact on the learning environment for staff and pupils as well as benefiting from reduced maintenance costs, increased reliability, improved aesthetics and controls depending on the technology invested.

Contact us to find out more about securing additional funding.