School Resource Management

Funded training available to support school resource management


From Monday 6 December 2021, schools will be able to access training and guidance to help them execute a curriculum-led budget.

For the third year running, the funding has been made available as part of the government’s priority to work alongside schools and trusts to help them improve outcomes for pupils by getting the best value from all of their resources.

A method for achieving this, that has become increasingly important, is Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning (ICFP). ICFP is a management process that helps schools plan the best curriculum for their pupils with the budget they have available. It can be used at any phase or type of school.

The Department for Education (DfE) holds the view that effective resource management and ICFP are fundamental to achieving educational success and financial sustainability.

The training

Entrust Support Services, on behalf of the Department for Education, will be delivering a series of six webinars to help schools meet their teaching and learning ambitions with the financial resources available to them.

The webinars will help schools integrate their curriculum goals and financial resource management into one approach - providing them with a holistic and proactive way of planning and using their resources efficiently, as well as ensuring collaborative decision making across the whole leadership team.

The series of webinars will build upon the previous years’ training and will provide schools with the knowledge and tools they need to create a three-to-five-year plan that drives efficiencies and maximises value for money while offering a broad and balanced curriculum.

The series of webinars include:

  • ICFP metrics - this webinar will cover key ICFP metrics and how these can be calculated, such as pupil teacher ratio, or teacher contact ratio. We’ll ask you to come prepared with some data that you can turn into a tangible report during the session.
  • ICFP tools – this session will look at examples of how ICFP tools can be used in school settings. By providing a template for data prior to attendance it is hoped you will have some working data to take away after the session.
  • Estates management - this session will explore the benefits of strategic estate management. School estates that are managed effectively will help to make savings as well as ensure sites are safe and sustainable.
  • Procurement – using a case study, this session will explore how ICFP tools can support you with procurement and how the procurement cycle can help you gain best value whilst remaining compliant.
  • Joint working - this webinar will explore the key relationships needed for effective school resource management. We will define the roles and responsibilities of key personnel and how they should integrate and collaborate.
  • Benchmarking – this session will look at examples of successful benchmarking. We will demonstrate using both the Schools Financial Benchmarking Service and View My Financial Insights - how to access them, what benchmarking do they offer, an explanation of comparators and how to use them both effectively. Who is the training for?

The training is available to head teachers, governors, curriculum leads, and the senior leadership team in all schools and trusts across England, plus Local Authority staff working with schools.

The use of real-life case studies and live data analysis means the training is perfect for both those who are new to integrated curriculum financial planning and to those who are more experienced and looking for a refresher or ways to further develop their practice.

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