Key to Music

The Key to Music (K2M) programme provides a vibrant foundation of music-making and equips pupils with the vital skills, knowledge and understanding that will enable them to make good progress with instrumental and vocal learning in future years.

K2M is a fully inclusive whole class approach where pupils learn their instruments all together.

Key Information for schools

  • Participating schools receive a weekly session for a class of children and the choice of instruments for the programme includes: strings, brass, woodwind, percussion, guitar and ukulele.
  • Sessions are charged at a retained price of £48 an hour.
  • As K2M is curriculum time provision, schools do not pass on this cost to parents, ensuring the session is affordable for all.
  • All schools are invited to participate in our end of year K2M celebration concerts for no additional charge.

Key information for parents

  • Parents can contact the school office to find out what is currently offered at school to follow on from K2M or contact the music service directly to discuss alternative options for learning.
  • As part of the K2M programme, your child is welcome to join one of the many beginner ensembles we run at music centres across the county.

Contact us to find out more.