Instrumental and Vocal Teaching 

We provide quality music provision for Staffordshire schools and families.

The Music Service in Staffordshire has delivered Instrumental and Vocal Teaching since the mid-1940s and the teaching team continues to provide high-quality tuition in Staffordshire, led by our team of music professionals.

We provide specialist tuition on the full range of musical instruments and voice, using our specially devised curriculum and assessment scheme, linked with national curriculum and external exam requirements.  Tuition can be delivered to groups or individuals and the service is well experienced in catering for all ages and abilities.

Key information for schools

  • Sessions are charged at a retained price of £38 an hour (excl. VAT). As a school, it is your decision to choose to pass on a proportion of the cost of lessons to parents or to use funding, such as pupil premium, to support individual students. The hourly cost is fully inclusive of preparation, planning, travel, delivery, assessment, sickness cover, reporting and management.
  • Our service will help you fulfil the ‘Music National Curriculum’ and ‘National Plan for Music Education’ requirements.
  • Easier, safer and better value than hiring your own peripatetic music staff.
  • Better value for money for your families than using the private market.
  • Wider support for your school and pupils including: regular invites to Music Centre groups, concert and performance opportunities, access to CPD and training, partnerships with leading music organisations and orchestras.
  • Instruments are provided free of charge to schools and families in support of all teaching.

Key Information for Parents

  • We deliver 36 weeks of tuition for most schools in Staffordshire.
  • Lessons are mostly delivered in school time which means that you do not have to make special arrangements to take your child somewhere else for lessons.  It also means that your child’s school and teacher are aware of their musical learning and can signpost additional opportunities that may become available.
  • If your child is going to learn to play a musical instrument with our service, and you do not have your own instrument, then they can access this through the service. At no extra charge.
  • If your school does not currently offer lessons then please ask them to contact us.

Online Parent Portal

In Staffordshire, lessons are usually organised by the school and we would advise parents to enquire at the school office in the first instance.  In some cases, the music service works in partnership with the school to organise lessons on their behalf.

Where the music service are organising lessons, parents can log into an Online Parent Portal to check the details and full range of options available at your school.