Technical Support Services

Our Technical Support Service presents the option to have an Entrust specialist deliver a regular onsite visit to your school.

These are full day visits, that take place either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. If your school requires a more bespoke option, we can discuss this with you to design a package to suit your individual needs.

By assessing your school’s varying technical needs, our skilled and dedicated technician will supply the most appropriate solution(s).

The Technical Support Service provides support for both admin, curriculum and cloud networks, as well as guidance on good practice and ICT standards. Some of the key highlights of the service are:

  • Routine server and system maintenance including backup monitoring installation of software and build packages.
  • Installation and support of Apple equipment, the iPad, iMac, etc.
  • Technical support to both curriculum and admin users.
  • Interactive whiteboard support.
  • Installation of MIS upgrades.
  • Checking monitoring of antivirus.
  • Asset management of equipment.
  • Procurement advice for curriculum and MIS.
  • Remote and on-call support for your network.

Contact us today to learn more about our Technical Support Services.