Leadership and Strategic Excellence

For over 30 years Entrust Education Technologies has worked closely with schools, supporting ICT strategy and development.

From providing support for Management Information Systems to delivering safeguarded connectivity, and everything in between, our fundamental focus has always been to improve outcomes with technology. For us, improving outcomes with technology means so much more than just the provision of laptops and mobile devices (although we do that too), and so our service has developed alongside schools and the technology to ensure that we continue to meet (and exceed) your needs and expectations for overall school improvement.

By working exclusively within education, we have significant insight and expertise which allows us to provide assistance and guidance for educational establishments nationwide.

We also work closely with schools from a curriculum, safeguarding and strategic viewpoint. We work alongside senior leaders, teachers and even pupils to select and apply technology which is most suited to the task and ensure educational goals are at the core. We help to develop a vision that integrates technology into leadership and management, into teaching and into planning to achieve the desired impact and outcomes.

We can support schools in a growing number of ways:

  • Offering a wide range of consultancies and training courses to enable staff to use technology effectively.
  • Helping to develop the ICT Vision Statement and its strategic implementation.
  • Planning and delivering a CPD programme combined with some team teaching to develop staff skills.
  • Guidance and support through the Naace Self Review Framework (a great tool for developing areas for development and a pathway forward).
  • Developing a staff skills audit.
  • Advice on hardware and software options to support teaching and learning along with any training required.
  • Work with you to develop a progressive computing scheme of work.
  • Help you to implement commercial schemes of work e.g. Switched on Computing.
  • Deliver Online Safety awareness sessions e.g. staff updates/parent workshops/website materials/data security/360 Safe training.
  • Strategies for implementing new initiatives e.g. iPad deployment followed by training and team teaching to maximise impact.

Contact us to discuss how we can help nurture strategic excellence at your school.