Income Generation and Maximising your Budget

81% of our schools are maximising their school premium, are you one of the few schools missing out?

Our Pupil Premium Eligibility Checking Service contributes significantly to school budgets and therefore improving the outcomes of pupils across the country.

With school budgets being stretched ever further over recent years, it is therefore more important than ever for schools to have the peace of mind that they are not missing out on available vital funds.

By ensuring schools can provide the very best education possible with the maximum monies available to them, our online Free School Meals (FSM) Eligibility Checking Service has helped schools in making a compelling difference to the lives of children and young people across the city and beyond, as many schools across the country have also subscribed to our budget-enhancing service.

With so many schools finding this an invaluable service, make sure your school is not missing out on your full entitlement.

Our Online FSM Eligibility Checking Service provides an online form, accessible through any device, which enables parents, carers or schools on their behalf to check their eligibility for FSM and therefore Pupil Premium funding.

To date, over 2,000 schools around the UK are using the service and we would be happy to discuss how you too could increase your Pupil Premium funding.

Contact us to book a demo and to discover more ways we can help you generate income and maximise your school budget.