Catering Services

Providing locally sourced, fresh, high quality and nutritious food to help young people build strong bones, sharp minds and to lead long, healthy lives. To Eat, Learn and Live.

With more than quarter of a century of food service experience, Chartwells is a leader in the provision of education and commercial food service in the UK. We are able to dish up great tasting, fun and nutritious meals to a range of locations including education establishments, visitor attractions, libraries, art galleries and corporate head office environments.

Fully Managed Catering Service
Chartwells can provide professional catering expertise and advice to provide a fully managed catering service. We create contemporary menus and food that use fresh ingredients and represent genuine value for money for pupils. Pupils expect the environment in which they enjoy their meals to be welcoming and comfortable and we work hard to create relaxed social spaces where great food can be enjoyed.

As well as providing thousands of meals daily to students across the county, we run activities and workshops to encourage healthy eating and inspire good, lifelong habits. We don’t just want children to eat our food... we want them to LOVE it. We wholeheartedly believe that lunchtime should be a fun part of the day, jam-packed with lots of different, flavorsome and healthy food. Plus our dedicated nutritionists bring food to life through our Eat Right, Stay Bright programme. It’s crammed with goodness...from Fun into Food lessons, student survival talks, parent workshops and breakfast clubs to our Food Superheroes and Beyond the Kitchen web hub.

Great customer service is vital to create a positive experience for pupils. We continually train and develop the teams so that they can deliver the highest quality service each day.

Our experienced and dedicated operations teams mean we are able to work with schools to make sure they get the very most out of their catering service and give pupils great food, helping to create positive, long lasting memories of their time at school.

Extra options include:

  • Adult Free Meals served
  • Breakfast and Break Sales
  • Cash Collection and Banking - Entrust staff collect and bank
  • Cash Collection and Banking - School staff collect and Entrust bank
  • Pupil Free School Meals served
  • Pupil Paid Meals served