Water Safety - Helping you stay safe this Summer

With summer well underway and a heat wave upon us, it is always tempting to head towards the nearest place to cool off. Whether it be in a back garden pool, lake, reservoir or the ocean, going for a paddle is a great way to cool down, exercise and socialise for many young people throughout the summer holidays. However, with the summer break fast approaching it is important that everyone understands the risks associated with swimming and how to avoid danger.

By having a basic knowledge of water safety, along with the understanding of risks, can ultimately increase the enjoyment of swimming and massively reduce the number of incidents that occur each year. 

We want everybody to enjoy the water safely, so here are some tips if you plan on going for a dip this summer.

It’s a lot colder than it looks

Water, especially open water can often be a lot colder than it may seem. The cold water may become a shock to the system and affect your ability to swim.

TIP – Always ease yourself into the water to test the temperature.

Don’t swim too far out

The further out you swim, the deeper the water will get. This means you will have to rely more on your swimming capabilities. Should anything happen, it will be harder to reach you.

TIP- Swim parallel to the shore line, this way you will always be within a safe distance.

Hidden dangers

The currents in the water can be very unexpected and very strong and will challenge the strength of your swimming.

TIP- If you find yourself caught in a riptide, avoid swimming against it as this will only tire you out. Allow yourself to swim with the current and call for help.

Find safe area to swim

Not all bodies of water are safe to swim in, this may be due to high PH levels, pollution, dangerous wildlife or strong currents.

TIP- Always swim in areas where there is lifeguard support. This will ensure you have the help if you require it.

Never Swim alone

Even the best of swimmers need company, this reassures you that you have help at hand.

TIP- Take a buddy swimming with you, or join a swimming club!